The Mission of Relentless Sacrifices is to provide youth from underserved communities with knowledge of financial systems that will enable them to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives and access to mentors with similar life experiences. 



I envision Relentless Sacrifices will shift the stigma of generational poverty to future of financial wellness. 




My name is Marloshawn Franklin Jr. I was born in Detroit, Michigan raised by my mother, Fa ’Tina Turner. I was fortunate enough to be involved in sports, being exposed to new and different experiences that kept me busy at an early age. Growing up in Detroit it's easy to get derailed and caught up in the wrong crowd becoming a product of my environment. Ultimately, my mother knew that Detroit wasn’t conducive for the type of dreams she had for me. Once I moved to Arizona for high school and community college, I realized that my new environment was more geared towards college prep and success. The quality of education, diversity, and resources were all things that were available to the entire community in Arizona. 

My observations of my younger self are similar to youth in under-resourced communities. Today's youth lack knowledge around careers, budgeting, credit, money management, and filing taxes. I was fortunate enough for a second chance to prove to myself that I could achieve academic success, obtaining my associates of arts degree. As a result, I earned a football scholarship to the University of California Berkeley. Academia was never my strong suit but I learned how to utilize my resources and surround myself around others who are strong in areas that I lacked. During my experience at UC Berkeley is when I realized that football was a vehicle for me to get a first-class education.  

As graduation is approaching I feel compelled to create equal opportunities for others who are less fortunate and may have the will to succeed but don't have access to higher learning. My dreams of graduating from a prestigious university and becoming a professional athlete came true.  

I got the opportunity to play in the NFL and through that, I've unlearned poor financial habits along with false claims to success. When I was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles, I knew that I had to invest my time not only in becoming a better football player but most importantly in money management and life after football. This inspired me to go back to Cal Berkeley to obtain my degree in Sociology, while simultaneously creating an organization that I can mentor and be an advocate for financial literacy, all while continuing to pursue my dreams. 

Being the first college graduate in my family gives me the motivation to not only break my families generational curses but also help break the cycle for others, specifically youth in underserved communities.